Maintaining a reputation for customer satisfaction and retention requires an understanding of each client’s goals and objectives.  The professionals at Storie Construction Group recognize the importance of planning, execution and communication that is required to meet the needs of our clients. Storie Construction Group’s technical knowledge and expertise are instrumental in minimizing problems and providing effective solutions through all phases of the project. Our methods of communication, both internal and external, have allowed us to maintain a high standard of customer satisfaction.  

Our Promise

About Us

  • Faith Based & Community Recreation
  • Assisted Living & Healthcare
  • Retail & Restaurant
  • Hospitality & Multi-Family
  • Office & Corporate
  • Industrial & Manufacturing
  • Sports & Assembly
General Contractor / Construction Manager


  • a quick accurate assessment of project requirements with a targeted focus on project team needs.
  • analysis of and expedient solutions to on-site situations in order to meet schedule requirements.
  • thorough, hands-on project management from conception to completion.
  • liaison skills - positive relationship building with every team member.

Storie Construction Group, Inc. is a family-based company utilizing the best practices in the building industry to exceed each of our client’s expectations by providing exceptional quality, workmanship and personal service.  Our understanding of the building system components and our ability to communicate value added collaboration throughout the design, permitting, procurement and construction phases is unparalleled.

Drawing from a broad depth of experience and expertise, Storie Construction Group is adept at handling a full range of building projects including healthcare, senior living, multifamily residential, industrial, manufacturing, office, retail, recreational, hospitality and other commercial projects mainly in the Florida West Coast regional markets coordinating everything from preconstruction through completion…  A full-service company with a wide range of experience in helping to provide competitive, cost effective and high quality construction services in safe environments for all phases of a project.

Our craftsmanship, attention to detail, clear communication, and values of honesty and integrity will not only result in the quality construction of your new office space, but our goal is to make the process easy and enjoyable.

Building is a partnership.  Being a good partner is about more than just putting lumber and steel together.  It means pooling resources with Project Team members to enhance every aspect of the project.  It means bringing value to the process – making buildings that last longer, are more efficient to operate, and better serve the people who live, work or play inside.

We work under a multitude of owner/contractor arrangements.  Whether Construction Management or Design-Build, we have the ability to take a project from concept to construction. We work with every client to carefully assess their needs and provide insight into construction means and methods to complete the project on time and within budget. Our goal is to maximize goodwill and create long term lasting relationships. With a sense of pride driving every project, we make a commitment to the client based on ethics, integrity, and dedication.


Community involvement has always been the foundation of Storie Construction Group.  Recently, we have supported numerous local groups.  Below is a representative sample of our involvement:

  • Laurel Nokomis School.
  • Boy Scouts of America.
  • Boys & Girls Clubs.
  • Suncoast Foundation for Handicapped Children.
  • Senior Friendship Center
  • Goodwill Industries Manasota.
  • American Heart Association.

Our projects range in size from quick renovations to multi-million dollar projects with much longer durations. 

We maintain a staff of cross trained personnel who provide preconstruction services, estimating and project management to quickly adjust to the market.  Our team is very familiar with the pace and requirements of a multitude of projects and are capable of providing timely services. 

Storie Construction Group enjoys an exemplary reputation working well with owners, subcontractors and architects.  We are currently not involved in litigation with owners, subcontractors or architects and have not been involved in any litigation in the past.

Storie Construction Group maintains a strong Workers Compensation Experience Modification factor.

We continue to reduce work place injuries which demonstrate our proven track record of maintaining safe job sites.  Those savings are passed on to our clients.

Storie Construction Group has constructed to LEED Silver certifications and is committed to the success and increased adoption of sustainable construction practices throughout the industry.  Our commitment is to have a positive impact on communities we serve.  We want our clients to have the advantages of the environmental, financial, and common sense benefits of building and living green.

While our clients typically don't seek official LEED certification, Storie Construction Group always helps reduce waste and incorporates green principals in every project because it just makes common sense.